Halloween at Bleinham Palace 2021

Halloween at Blenheim Palace was Raymond Gubbay’s first Halloween trail.  We were asked by Culture Creative to provide audio for the event managed by our good friends Event Design Co.  As always we turned to  Martin Audio and their CDD5 product as our reliable outdoor speaker product of choice.  

We were pleased to be involved in this first Halloween trail of flickering flames in a fiendish fire garden, daring fire artists and grinning pumpkins aglow. Illuminated haunted woods filled with creepy neon cobwebs, ghastly ghouls, wicked witches, larger-than life spiders and bats…creating audio for trails, is now becoming one of Chris’ favourite jobs and having developed quite a retoire of trails across the region, we hope to be involved in more come the autumn season. 

We’ve worked hard to develop our signature reliable playback and amplifier solution to go with some of the best sounding outdoor speaker systems we can find. We’re pleased this time to be adding some smaller self contained speaker systems for spooky spot effects and can even trigger these by guests walking by!  For these trails though reliability is the name of the game, open each evening, night after night, in the british weather throughout October our system needed to be solid for the team on site. A big thanks goes to our team who installed this down in Blenheim.