Rigging Part 2

Our Rigging for Live events session part 2. In this session, we look at loads on trusses, cantilevers, and calculations. We talk about how load moves from the truss to your hoists with Alan McGregor.

Rigging Part 1

Rigging for Events session Part 1. Truss & Strops.

In this introductory rigging session, Alan talks about trusses, strops, steels, and how we use them.


Did you know that we also conduct inspections on lifting equipment?

If during the next few weeks if your venue is closed why not take advantage of having some downtime by completing your Through Examinations of any lifting equipment?  Did you know that under LOLER much of your lifting accessories such as shackles, strops, steel wire ropes all should be inspected thoroughly every six months? Even safety bonds on lanterns fall under this regulation. This task can often be difficult to undertake and document during busy times. Arranging external contactors to do this when you have performances can be a hassle but now is a great time to take advantage of your venues dark period and get your rigging inspected and in good shape for when you reopen.

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Hiring radio mic’s for your event. A little advice and some tips.

Here at dBS Solutions, we not only supply equipment to professional theatre tours and events, we also dry hire our systems to lots of schools, churches and amateur theatre companies.  We often get enquiries from customers looking for radio mics for their productions, so we thought we would write a little post with some of the things you should be thinking about when you’re looking for radio mics for your production.
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