Supporting Community

dBS Solutions recognise the importance of supporting local youth projects, amateur and community groups along with colleges and schools. With this in mind, we actively look to get involved with organisations in our area by providing discounted equipment hire or donating used products to extend their life. This not only helps us move on equipment to a new home & develops our links in our community offering them affordable equipment, but also helps hugely with our carbon footprint, supporting dBS Solution’s sustainability goals.

Supporting Skills

We realise that investing in our youth helps to nurture personal and social skills that help build resilience, motivation and excellent communication skills – all highly valued in the workplace. We work with several educational settings to offer opportunities to those interested in learning more about a career in the arts. We also recognize that not everyone approaches our industry through the academic route. We work closely with a number of youth groups and amateur theatres to provide advice and experience.

Supporting Grass Roots

Providing our knowledge and expertise to projects around Cheshire promotes community based productions that showcase local talent and encourages interest in our industry. Sometimes the value of a project is greater than the financial reward. We aim to see the bigger picture when looking at community projects and grass roots music.

We always work with our clients to balance the needs of an event with the available budget.


I contacted dBS solutions to ask about providing a first-class sound system for a regional Winter Guard Competition that Commodores were hosting in Warrington.
dBS did an outstanding job. They were fantastic to communicate with and were able to advise us on what we needed. They turned up in plenty of time and were very quick and efficient at setting up, they took time to go through everything checking we were happy. They also checked all the safety measures were in place.
The sound was superb absolutely no hitches with volume or balance the quality was excellent. They were completely professional and contributed massively to the success of the day. It was such a relief to find such a first class and reliable company to work with we highly recommend them.

Director of Poynton Commodores