Live In The Park 2022

At the beginning of July, a fantastic team that consisted of Danny Clare, Dale Land, James Roberts, Ant Wilson and Gareth Edwards set upon Arley Hall in Cheshire for Live in the Park 2022. Live in the Park is a charity event designed by and to raise funds for The Neuromuscular Centre, a clinic in Cheshire that delivers life changing support to people with muscular dystrophy.

Being the first year dBS Solutions have worked on this inspiring outdoor concert, the team pulled out all the stops to impress both the client and the audience. We deployed our Martin Audio WPC line arrays to cover the 3000 strong audience and used a plethora of lighting fixtures from Ayrton, Portman, Chauvet and Robe to achieve a spectacular light show. Lighting Designer Dale Land said of the rig “With the range of fixtures and positions available, it made creating different effects and states very fluid, dynamic, and enabled various looks per act with ease.”

We had the opportunity, with thanks to sE Electronics, to employ the use of their arena drum mic pack for the first time. The whole sound team commented on their quality, with FOH engineer James Roberts commenting “I had to do so little work to the drums”.

Live in the Park 2022 saw stunning tribute acts from Rogue Minogue, to Elite Elton and the headliner Queen II. All acts brought an intense energy and exciting performance that wowed the audience and left people thrilled for what is to come in 2023.

Case Study written by Gareth Edwards