dBS Opens Backyard Cinema

Manchester’s newest cinema is now open and looks amazing.  Backyard Cinema is a totally immersive movie experience that has been brought to the North West.  The cinema comes complete with enchanted forest plus bars and food trucks, there is even a stage with live music.

All movie goers can expect a mix of classic and new release films, with some family Christmas favourites to get in the festive mood once the season starts.

If you want to find out more about this project please have a look here. Backyard Cinema’s Technical Manager approached dBS Solutions to ask us to look at the ambitious project after working with us at Hope fest in the city back in 2021.


Our team set about designing an immersive sound system for the venue that not only fitted with the cinema requirements but also the needs of other events that will be held in the space. dBS Director Chris Bogg designed a system based around the Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Mini speakers for the main centre along with XD12s left and right, ws218x subs and Martin’s CDD6’s for sides, delays and rears. “The CDD range’s differential dispersion really helped cover the space with a smaller number of speaker boxes” says Chris. “The Main hang of WPM cabinets has the venue covered incredibly well and has allowed us to use less centre delays too. I’ve been very pleased with the systems coverage and the ease of predictions in Display 3. With the new version also able to predict subwoofers, we’ve been able to accurately predict the whole of the sound system for the main space.”  As well as the main venue, the bars and outside spaces are covered with a range of Martin CDD6 speakers and Adorn 55s ensuring a high quality of sound throughout the site.

Lead Production Sound Engineer Danny Clare looked after the install for dBS Solutions with assistance from Iain Clarke and Dale Land. Big thanks to all involved in this super fun project. If you haven’t been to a Backyard Cinema experience before you should check it out. You can find the Manchester listings here  as well as their exciting new London venue.