The British Country Music Festival

Produced by Fit the Bill and The Blackpool Entertainment Company, The Country Music Festival ran over a three day period at the beautiful venue, the Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Ward Thomas, Catherine McGrath and Sarah Darling headlined which focused on the best of British Country Music which is taking Nashville by storm.  Supporting artists included Laura Oakes, Megan O’Neill, The Adelaides, Worry Dolls, Blair Dunlop, Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra, Danny McMahon and Jake Morrell.

The spectacular indoor setting of the Winter Gardens Blackpool enables music lovers to ditch the need for tents in favour of local accommodation providers, or the comfort of their own homes.

In the Empress Ballroom, the dBS Solutions team provided audio equipment along with a team of our engineers to run the stage and with lighting as a hire to the in house venue team. We also supplied full production for a smaller second stage outside the venue.

A big thanks go to dBS Solutions team Sam Edwards, Danny Clare, James Malcolm, Gareth Edwards, Dan Bowater and Ant Wilson for their hard work over the weekend. We had some fantastic acts play on our dB Technologies VIO L210 main system with Martin WPM arrays as out fills. We supplied Digico SD10 on stage with SD9s and Avid Profiles out front. The weekend was a big success and we can’t wait for next year.