dBS Solutions hosts an introduction to MLA at LIPA

mlaMartin Audio dealers dBS Solutions are pleased to be hosting an introductory session for Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts students this week, in the beautiful Paul McCartney Auditorium.

The session led by veteran live sound engineer and long term MLA user Simon Honywill will introduce Martin Audio’s revolutionary Multi Cellular Array technology to the next generation of audio engineers, serving as a grounding in the theory of the systems along with practical rigging in the field.

dBS Solutions director Chris Bogg set up the session with Martin Audios Richard Van Nairn and LIPA’s Chris Layton, “Myself and Richard were talking following one of his visits to us about MLA technology and the future. Its such a powerful resource but one that I feel needs to be introduced at an early stage to the next generation of engineers” says Chris Bogg. “The Training exists already in the full MLA three day course however its a big ask to expect the system designers of tomorrow to dive right in to this technology without knowing its benefits. This introductory day, will I think, leave engineers with an understanding of the system and its advantages over traditional arrays and when an opportunity arises perhaps to apply it in the future.”

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts educates audio engineers across several courses in live, theatre and recorded sound, so its a great place to begin forging a relationship with future engineers. dBS Solutions are pleased to be involved in the nurturing and development of engineers and enjoy an ongoing relationship with the school.  A big thanks to Richard and Simon at Martin Audio along with Chris and the Team at LIPA for helping make this happen.

If you would like to discuss the hire or sale of Martin audio products please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For further information on MLA training please visit the ML web site.

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