DBS Solutions follow Codys Around the west end!

codys09Ones again dBS solutions have supported the latest show from Warrington’s most popular youth group CODYS. This production, “CODYS around the west end”, was one of the most technically challenging yet. With only one day to fit up the venue and start rehearsing the show and with a live Orchestra in the pit it was always going to be a busy week. The Orchestra conducted by Ben Holder consisted of 11 players and worked there way through around 60 musical numbers during the evening.

The sound system designed by Ian Threlfall was based around the Ohm TRS touring system augmented with BR6 front fills and stage monitors, all driven from our stock racks of Crest CA and Crown XTI amplifiers. The show contained 11 sennheiser radio microphones all on boom headsets. The sound was mixed from a Yamaha LS9 32 with expansion cards and 16 Focusrite preamps for the radio mics.

Lighting was again designed by CODYS regular, Chris Bogg who made use of the Brindley theatres house generic stock augmenting this with 16 Futurelight PHS and PHW 260 units Vaporiser strobes and Pulsar Chroma and DB4 LED fittings. “We drew upon the futuristic look of the set and added to this with a fake proscenium arch of truss” says Chris. “This was then complimented by three vertical trusses spanning the up stage area In between the four drapes that I had specified for video projection.” The video effects and images some of which where commissioned specifically for the show where played back and manipulated in real time by an Arkaos media server controlled by Chris from the lighting console. “This allowed perfect timing between the video images and effects from the moving lights”says Chris. New to the dBS Solutions stock, the Arkaos media server integrated seamlessly with our lighting console of choice, Chamsys magic Q. Once all the media was loaded the desk “fetched” all of the data and was able to show the operator not only a live preview of the output but also thumb nails of the servers content.

With one of the most technically advanced shows to grace the Brindley’s stage and with so little time for error, the dBS Solutions team where involved from the beginning. Our designers collaborated with the shows creative director Nick Cupit to design a concept and “look” for the show before sourcing the set and trussing required to turn this look into a reality.

Pictures of the show will be up in our gallery soon but for more information on this production or how dBS can design your next show use the email link on this page or call our team now.