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Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Mixer

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The Pioneer DJM-900 nexus mixer is the most popular DJ mixer used within the industry. The reason being is its connection reliability, fantastic performance characteristics, incorporates the most current FX features, is solid and hardwearing (as it has enhanced fader technology and audio circuits resulting in the lifespan of the mixer also improved) and plug-and-play software ensuring a smooth and steady handover for DJs.
The DJM-900 Nexus mixer includes an in-built X-PAD to use with Beat Effect and modify its boundaries at the touch of a finger. The mixer has the ability to allow for Beat FX to be assigned to 13 channels. The DJM-900 Nexus comes with an in-built USB soundcard which promises high quality sound output in addition to the high-class sound design. When connected to a computer/laptop there is the option to adjust the audio routing, mixer and soundcard settings. The Nexus comes with 6 sound FX (Crush, Noise, Gate/Comp, Filter, Space and Dub Echo) which are of top-quality studio standard and accessible on every channel.
There are a few other features worth mentioning. Firstly there is the ability to use ProDJ Link where one source can be shared after connecting the DJM-900 Nexus Mixer to other players, laptops or turntables using a LAN connection. As the mixer has Scratch, DVS control becomes available when connecting a CDJ or laptop directly. Finally, due to the 900 Nexus’ transferable MIDI functions (MIDI) it can also be used as a MIDI Controller.


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