Warrington Music Festival 2008

WMF08Well what a busy summer it has been for the team at dBS Solutions. Once again we where out in force at Warrington Music Festival 2008, this time providing PA systems for both stages and a moving light rig for the main stage.

Both the audio systems for the festival where Ohm TRS speakers with 6 x TRS 218 and 4 x TRS118 subs on the main stage, with 6 x TRS 212 mid high packs. All stage monitors where Ohm TRS112s. Front of house engineer John Attewell looked after both front of house and monitors from a Yamaha LS9 32 while system tech Graeme Ramsdale took care of the stage, system, and generators.

Lighting was operated from a Chamsys magic Q system and consisted of six lamp bars complimented by our new Futurelight PHW260 wash units, Source Vaporiser strobes, and some 4 lamp blinder units. Operated by Pete Windsor who has recently completed the Magic Q operator’s course.

Stage two consisted of another 4 stacks of Ohm TRS, this time the newer TRS 112h mid high with yet more TRS218 subs driven from Crest Audio CA Amplifiers. In charge was Craig Stewart front of house with a Yamaha 01v 96.

This event saw dBS Solutions expanding there Ohm speaker stock once more to cope with the demand for near 12 stacks of TRS amongst other boxes. The event was blessed with good weather for the day (not so for the overnight fit up the night before eh boys!) and with over 32 bands on the bil our thanks go to all involved for there efforts in what was a great success.