The Hammond Dance School Chester

hammond08dBS Where this year asked to technically manage The Hammond dance schools end of year productions Entrée and Debut. After being involved from an early stage in the design of the schools new theatre, dBS engineer Chris Bogg specified the installation of and Ohm pa system for the venue.

The system consists of 4 BR12s front of house with a pair of BR218 subs and a central hang of Ohm Lunarray. On stage monitoring is provided in the way of Ohm TRS112s and more BR12s. all amps are the Ohm CFU A2s with Cred Processing.

“When the Hammond school approached me for advice on a PS system, I know from mixing there last few productions at Theatre Clwyd, that audio quality, and speech intelligibility where vital” says Chris. “The shows contain a considerable amount of musical theatre, and crystal clear audio delivered to every seat in the house was paramount. The Ohm system delivers this perfectly.”

After our early involvement, the school asked dBS Solutions to come on board to manage their technical resources for the forthcoming shows. We then supplied a sound designer, Lighting designer, and stage manager for the three week show period in July.

Ben Marshall looked after sound on the schools Yamaha LS9 32 with playback from a dBS mac computer using Q lab. We also supplied a 16 way Sennheiser radio mic system, and stage managers comms, cue and CCTV system to aid stage manager Kim Hale.

Lighting designer Chris Bogg specified a largely generic lighting rig complimented by chroma Q scrollers on the side light and 8 Futurelight Phs260 moving lights. This was operated from a High end systems Road Hog console.