So bars and restaurants are opening…what now?

As the UK’s economy begins to get itself moving again and some leisure businesses start to look at opening on July 4th, dBS Solutions reviews how we can help.

As the UK prepares to ease the lockdown, many bars and restaurants will be preparing for opening. The UK government are encouraging these establishments to make use of roof terraces, gardens and carparks, to serve both food and drink. dBS Solutions can help create the right atmosphere within these settings, with a PA system to link into your existing system inside or a new system altogether. We can do this on both a permanent sales basis, but also with a temporary hire solution, until you’re able to make use of indoor facilities again. We use some of the finest quality outdoor speakers manufactured, so that your guests can enjoy some quality music whilst they soak up the alfresco ambience.

We can also supply a subtle lighting package, to help introduce the right dinning mood, as you look to utilise your new found space. Festoon, uplighters & LEDs all create the right impression.  Again we can offer this on a permanent or temporary basis. Please get in touch to let us help you accomplish your perfect outdoor area.