Small Scale Line Array

Back in October the dBS Solutions team organised a little shoot out of three compact line array products from around Europe. We heard the New Martin audio Wavefront Precision Mini, d&B audio’s T series and L Acoustics New Kiva II. The results of the day and our thoughts we will release at some point in the new future but it got us thinking. We will be adding a compact array of this size to our rental stock in the near future. What are people’s experiences of these products and what’s your favourite? Both the Martin audio and d&b systems where in their optimised array processing modes for our demo with the Kiva II being driven with 3 boxes per amp channel as suggested.

Give us your vote but also tell us your thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

Looking forward to hearing all your comments. Thanks to Martin audio, Wigwam and SSE for their invaluable help with this great day.

Martin WPM

D&b T series

L acoustics Kiva II

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