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Shure switched SM58 & clip

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The Shure SM58SE dynamic cardioid polar pattern vocal microphone with its vocally optimised frequency response and warm, clear sound is truly THE standard among live vocal microphones. The SM58 is a dynamic microphone for lead and back-up vocals at live performances, professional audio amplification and studio recording. A built-in, highly effective filter eliminates breathing and wind noise, whereas the cardioid polar pattern isolates the signal source and reduces unwanted background noise and feedback frequencies. The rugged construction, proven shock-absorbing system and sturdy steel basket ensure that the SM58 always works reliably, even in the harshest on-stage conditions. Whether outdoors or indoors, for vocals or speech, the Shure SM58SE has been the undisputed number one choice of professionals around the world for decades.
World-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound. Perfectly fits the hand, balanced for total comfort during long gigs. Frequency response is a smooth, vocal-tailored 50Hz-15kHz, and the price is a bargain considering its life expectancy.


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