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Martin Audio WPC Line Array Enclosure C/W 5 Pins

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WPC is a new breed of medium-format optimised line array which brings innovative acoustic design, ultra-high performance and coverage consistency to a wider range of users, applications and budgets than previously possible. A three-way, bi-amp system, it features horn-loaded low frequency, mid and HF sections to raise efficiency and increase output. With a peak SPL of 135dB its high efficiency acoustic design can equal or outperform larger, direct radiator systems — a 12-box array will throw beyond 60 metres (200ft) and deliver impressive rock levels to a 5000-seat venue, saving on truck space and weight.

WPC’s low frequency section consists of 2 x 10” (250mm) neodymium drivers in a Hybrid® configuration which marries the benefits of horn and reflex loading. Each driver is slot-loaded into a short horn to give a high sensitivity, while the rear of the driver is reflex-loaded to extend the LF output. The punch and low-frequency extension produced from such a small enclosure volume are remarkable.

Mid and HF horns are physically separate — a key factor in the WPC’s exemplary 100° horizontal constant directivity dispersion pattern. The midrange horn design utilises 2 x 5” (125mm) neodymium drivers to produce a high output while the HF section employs 4 x 0.7” (19mm) exit neodymium compression drivers which feed 4 individual horns. Use of multiple small HF drivers instead of a more traditionally-used large format compression driver results in less distortion and a more extended HF response.


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