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Chauvet Rogue Outcast 1 Beam Wash IP

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Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash is a lightweight, IP65 rated, LED Beam & Wash fixture enhanced with a pixel-mappable LED ring around it’s face. A unique lens design developed for tight beam effects allows for a wide zoom range of 3.9° to 55.3° for maximum coverage. Seven 45W RGBW LED’s combine excellent color mixing with a punchy output featuring 16-bit dimming and several dimming modes for advanced control. The outer ring comprises of 12 pixel-mappable RGB LED zones underneath a smoked stealth filter. Easily create eye-catching effects with prebuilt programs for the ring with the ability to control dimming, rate, foreground and background colours. This compact fixture weighs only 20lbs and features a rugged IP65 casing that is proven to withstand all of the harshest elements. Control as you see fit with multiple profiles with simple and advanced control modes compatible with DMX & RDM protocols. Update software easily with an onboard USB-C port.


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