dBS Invests in Allen & Heath for small scale touring

jamesThis month sees dBS Solutions investing for the first time in Allen & Heath with their QU Series of mixers to service our growing need for compact tour-able mixers.  With two shows this month alone leaving us to be flown around the world in suitcases finding something that sounds great and fits in a case under 30KG was crucial. The QU series has USB streaming and midi over USB from Qlab which is great for us so combined with a midi button box also powered over USB the whole system can fit in a Peli case in an aircrafts hold.

We have sent out two of these systems with main and spare Qlab MacBooks, iPad mini control systems and QU16s with go buttons to tours James & the Giant Peach  and Red Riding Hood The Musical.

If your looking for compact front of house set up for touring plays and small musicals call us to discuss our QU series and Macbook options for a compact reliable easy to use theatre system. Combine this with some of our powered 8 inch and 6 inch speaker systems for sound effects and you have the ultimate sound effects package for touring in to venues with existing house PA systems.