Liverpools first Bandstand

bandLiverpool Based audio specialist Sound Concepts contacted us to provide a PA system for the all new band stand in Williamson Square this summer. The event organised by Open Culture was in the square each weekend for around 5 weeks.

Sound designer Colin Ramsden had designed a series of 6 Ohm BR6 speakers around the outside of the stand with a pair as monitors on stage. Low frequencies where handled by the addition of two Ohm Moon Sub enclosures all driven from Crown XTI series amps and processed by XTA Electronics DP226 units. We supplied Sound concepts with a single gig rack with all he needed for for event including, TC electronic M2000 reverbs, a soundcraft GB2 console, CD players and the amps for the job. The system was controlled by a tablet PC running audiocore allowing the engineer to wander around the band stand tuning the system.

Colin was very pleased with the system and support from us over the five weeks. When asked about dBS he said “Good clean kit time after time, excellent customer service and regularly exceeding our expectations, dBS Solutions will always be our first choice for all our equipment hire needs”

Thanks Colin for your kind words.