Live life cleaner by making earth greener

Amongst all this chaos and uncertainty with Covid, it’s easy to get consumed by current events. Its important however, not to forget other serious issues that still remain, such as the affect CO2 emissions are having on our environment. With more time on our hands recently, we’ve been looking at what we can do to help.

Did you know a return flight from London to Athens creates 400kg of CO2 per person. It takes a grown tree 16 years to offset this amount of carbon. This does not include any of the CO2 cost to manufacture the plane, just purely for the flight.

Planting trees is the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. Trees store pollutants such as carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Scientists say the effects trees have is mind blowing – they can negate the emissions that are pumped into the air by human activities.

All of us at dBS Solutions are passionate about finding ways to reduce our Carbon footprint and also how we can help support our environment in other ways.  As part of our Environment Sustainability Policy we are pleased to have offset our business Carbon for the last 12 months through verified carbon reduction projects and planting trees in North West.  As a business we realise becoming environmentally-friendly is morally important too and we have a responsibilty to take steps to reduce our emissions directly and become a greener organisation by operating a paperless office, eliminating energy waste and purchasing sustainably-sourced business supplies.

Carbon Offset Certificate

We have also changed our waste disposal provider to a company based in Manchester Fresh Start Waste Services Ltd who are a carbon conscious direct collector, who offset their carbon output through a tree planting scheme with Forest Carbon. Furthermore, they have just completed investment in their Materials Recovery Facility in Swinton allowing them to recover much more general waste. Residual waste is then sent through an energy from waste process – meaning dBS Solutions benefits from a zero to landfill solution, aswell as inhouse recycling and reusing materials to reduce our waste more directly.

With all the terrible things happening around the world in 2020 it’s easy for us all to get caught up and feel negative. This small change with in our organisation is a positive story we wanted to create and share with you. You can help create your own change for good, by looking into off setting your personal or buisness CO2. Its easy to do and the process of working out out carbon footprint helped us identify things we can do differently.