Kevin and Karen Tour 2018

dBS Solutions once again have had the pleasure of providing lighting equipment and design for the Kevin and Karen dance show 2018 which finished touring last month.

dBS Solutions lighting designer Adam Nicholls comments “It’s been a great privilege to work alongside Jason Gilkison (Director of choreography, Strictly Come Dancing), Stuart Glover (Dance project manager, Raymond Gubbay) on creating a breath-taking dance show that leaves the audience singing and dancing in the aisles night after night. The show tells the story of how Kevin and Karen Clifton (Strictly Come Dancing) have used influences through their careers to enable them to become the professional dancers they are today. Backed by a 13 piece band from the London Concert Orchestra, it breaks through the emotional barriers of a standard dance show in bringing laughter, tears and an amazing feel good show. ”

“From a lighting design point of view, it was important to enhance each emotional element of the show without taking the pure magic that the performers bring on stage. The dance floor wash was created by Robe 300LED washes which gave us a strong back wash with an array of colours at our disposal. Adding to this were 3 booms aside consisting of LED pars and LED Profiles. This enabled us to create a heavy side lit show really enhancing emotion and every movement created from the 7 strong cast. A mixture of Robe 600e Spots and washes gave us the beams, break ups and effects needed with the top wash for the band. Enhancing the bands look and feel on stage, cross light from LED profiles brought them out from the back of the stage. This is my second year working with the team at Gubbays and dBS so keeping the look and feel of the show fresh was important. We used a back drop of ShowTec Vintage Blaze 72’s to give the blinder feels on the big numbers but also having the LED effects inside meant they didn’t look out of place in the slow emotional pieces.  The Blaze framed 2 light up K’s. We utilised a row of Sunstrips separating the band and dance floor which gave us some great effects across the floor, also adding to the blinding effects for key numbers. Its been great working with dBS and Chris Bogg who have supplied this show for two years, enabling a successful tour on all levels with lighting and staging.”