Improving our Wellbeing

Our industry has been particularly hard-hit by Covid-19 and every single one of us has had a challenging 2020 as a result. All of us have lost something: people we love, the teams we’re part of, some or all of our income, a routine and structure to our days being just some examples. We’ve all survived through the last 9 months, although what’s also true is that many of us have suffered these challenges in silence. Maybe we think that others are worse off so we shouldn’t complain. Maybe it’s because we don’t think we can change any of it so why bother talking about it. Or maybe we worry that others will think we’re weak if we admit we’re struggling. All of these responses are understandable. They’re also unhelpful.

It’s simply not possible for anyone to have lived through the last 9 months without any impact at all – challenge creates stress and stress impacts human wellbeing. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Walks The Talk to set up a training session on Wednesday 9th December at 10.00.  The statistics about wellbeing & mental health make for sobering reading.  Making sure that the people who work for and with us are OK matters to us.  The session is about understanding how to improve our wellbeing & the things to look out for that are warning signs for every single one of us. It’s about trying to make the next few months a bit more enjoyable hopefully – rather than just gritting our teeth and getting through it in survival mode.  We’d love for you to join us by emailing with the subject Wellbeing, to book your place. This awareness session is free of charge.