Socially distanced events

Now that the Government has begun to loosen restrictions on the lockdown and on social distancing, its great to see some events returning to our summer calendar.  We have been working hard to bring you some packages that can help if you’re planning an event now or later in the year. All our packages contain Stages, Lighting and Audio. We can also offer power along with helping you to source barriers, fencing toilets etc. Just ask us for help. 

3m stage with branding

3m or 4.5m Stage System

This is only really suitable for soloists or duos but offers a compact solution 3mx3m wide and around 3.5m total. We can provide this with a small or medium size PA system with engineers, along with some LED lighting together with banners to fit your event. We can also build this as a 4.5m wide by 3m deep option too for a little more space.

Suitable for an audience of around 50-100 people, supplied with a Martin Audio system of XD12 or 15 speakers, Allan & Heath QU mixer, all the mic’s, stands and cables you need and two of our skilled friendly engineers. We will also include a set of Elation outdoor Six Par lights and a small desk to control them. Branding for this stage can be designed by us or by you. You can do just a top banner, top and sides or a full backdrop too.


Roadshow Stage

Roadshow stage with branding

Here we have our 7m x 4.5m that really looks the part if you’re looking for a stage with a bigger feel but without the footprint or cost.

This stage comes complete with truss PA wings and we can work with you to brand these and the stage banner too.

This package will come with a full Martin audio PA system of XD15 speakers and WS218X subs suitable for live bands, solos and duos. We’ve included 5 on-stage monitor mixes for the artists, Allan & Heath QU mixing desk and all the mics, Stands and cables you need to entertain your audience of around 250-300 guests in a socially distanced way.

A lighting system of outdoor LED Pars & LED battens are included along with a control desk and a sound engineer and lighting technician to ensure your event runs smoothly. If your site isn’t near the power, ask us about adding a generator, barriers or other equipment.

8-9M Stage System 

Curved roof stage 9m wide

We have a few options in the 8-9 range. Some with a curved roof and others without. All of them offer a stage height of around 1m to ensure that your socially distanced audience can all see the stage. We can brand the backdrop, PA wings, and front of the stage for you should you wish.

This Stage will come with a large ground-stacked Martin audio system of XD15 tops matched with 6x WS218 subs to ensure all of your audience hears clearly. We will provide a Digico sound console out front and you can add on a Monitor console if needed.

Three of our fantastic engineers will look after you on the day. (4 if you need a monitor engineer too.) We have included a substantial lighting rig of outdoor Pars, Robe moving lights and smoke too along with a lighting desk so your event can continue way into the night.

This package is suitable for a socially distanced 4-5 piece band and an audience of around 450-550.


Our larger stages 

PA wings of our 10m stage system

Some photos of our bigger stages and PA systems will show you what else we offer should your event be of a larger nature. Stages from 10m, 12m and even 15m can provide a higher stage platform so guests can see clearly from further back or a larger area for bigger ensemble acts to help keep them COVID Secure.

10m x 6m stage with full branding

These stages are usually supplied with our flown line array systems, Digico consoles and full moving light rigs. It may be that you’re looking for a stage for a small orchestra for a picnic-style event? We can cater for this too.

If you don’t see the package you’re looking for, just give our team a call. We have a full catalogue of add ons or can build you exactly what you need.

Call the Office today on 01925357388 or Get in touch by email. 


10 x8m stage with full branding

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