dBS Support LIPA’s season of shows with Digico consoles

sound desk
Digico SD9T on Urine Town. Designer: Findley Clayton.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts is one of the UK’s premier performance training establishments, teaching not only those on stage but those that support the Arts, lighting set and costume designers, sound engineers, designers, and directors.

dBS Solutions already has a long-standing relationship with LIPA and has employed many graduates, as well as providing experience to students whilst still in training. “Following a close relationship with several students, I learnt that they both had final projects fast approaching,” said dBS Solutions Director Chris Bogg. ” I wanted to show my support and gratitude for their great work with us and also offer other LIPA students something they might not be experiencing on other in-house shows.” The 2017 seasons musicals were especially complex and had a large number of inputs far greater than the standard set up in the venue could accommodate. I offered the support of our company and asked them how we could help.  Sound Designer Findley Clayton specified an SD9T for his production of Urine Town in the Paul McCartney Auditorium, “The show was performed on a thrust stage that came out into what is usually the stalls, with a band pit at the downstage end of the space. This required the ability to image different elements of the show to different locations, something that was made possible with the SD9T’s delay matrix” says Clayton.

theatre sound
Made In Dagenham

For the second full-scale musical in the season, Made In Dagenham, the input count was up in the 70s. dBS Solutions supplied an SD10 to production engineer Kyle Durno Allowing for the complex input count and routeing required.

It’s been great to build on our friendship with LIPA. We have always been very committed to supporting the next generation of operating talent and having them already familiar with the equipment in our stock is a win-win for us.

If you are interested in renting any of the Digico range and would like to familiarise yourself with their features feel free to call the office and we can arrange some training.