dBS Solutions spends the weekend herding up those beats

dBS Solutions was built on live music roots and work on several music festivals over the summer months. We were super pleased this year to supply two stages at Beat Herder in Lancashire. “Talks with the festivals directors had been brewing for a few years and its great to finally get on site and start herding those beats” says dBS Director Chris Bogg.beathearder


This year we supplied sound and lighting to the Maison D’etre stage with our Ohm TRS 112H and 218 systems, three subs each side with 2 of the powerful horn loaded 112h units. Monitors where the TRS112 all driven from MC2 E series and mixed on a Midas Pro 2 console.

Lighting was a selection of Chauvet slim pars, Pulsar Chromastrips and par cans for front light control was provided by zero88  and our master of the “Jester” Danny Clare!

We also provided our services to the Trailer Trash stage “Trash Mansions” in the form of a Martin audio W8LM system ground stacked above three Ws218x subs a side in a cardioid formation. “Increasing the sound pressure level and providing a great atmosphere for guests while keeping any spill to a minimum off site for local residents was our priority” explains dBS Systems engineer Matt Chisholm. Working closely with Vanguardia who where monitoring the site allowed us to maintain the right balance onsite and keep the locals happy.
beathearder2Stage wedges on this stage where more Ohm TRS112 with DJ kit being the usual pioneer offerings 2000 nexus and DJM800s and 900s. All control was from XTA 226s with another Midas Pro series on mix duties.

Big thanks to the team who ensured all went well on site for our clients, Matt Chisholm, Danny Clare, Max Taylor and Simon West.

Beathearder festival