dBS Solutions provide PA for Dave Spikey at Warrington’s Parrhall

dBS Solutions provided a distributed PA system for Warrington’s Parr hall last Saturday, for Dave Spikey’s The Best Medicine Tour. The PA system designed for the venue by dBS is regularly installed for comedy and speech events at the hall and has enjoyed great success.

The PA system consisted of Ohm TRS112H and BR18b subs covering the stalls area with BR6 under balcony and front fills. The circle area is covered with Ohm BR12 speakers with Ohm moon out fills and moon delays. All of the amplifiers are Crest audio and the event was mixed and delayed by a Yamaha 01v 96 VSM.

dBS Solutions have been very pleased with the Ohm speaker system in the parr hall and have made substantial investments in the Ohm brand to ensure we can meet our clients demands for clear, precise audio, delivered to every seat.