dBS Solutions invests in Martin Audio Amplifiers

MAAMPSdBS Solutions invests in Martin Audio Amplifiers

All of our W8LM racks now include Martins MA2K, MA5.2K and the beastly MA18K for our WS218x Subs. “The new amps have added a touch of detail and clarity to the system that we havent heard before” says dBS Solutions director Chris Bogg. We auditioned several options when looking for something to replace our ageing Crown Macrotechs and the Martin branded Powersoft units where the clear winners. Lightweight, smart and compact with a sonic quality unmatched by many others.

The new amp racks where put right into action on a production of Miss Saigon designed by Chris Bogg at the Brindley in Runcorn and from there on to a large scale outdoor event hung from our new larger Trabes PA towers. To take advantage of our new Martin amps and our W8LM system and see what all the fuss is about, contact the office today.