dBS Solutions invests further in Martin Audio



Pro audio rental specialists dBS Solutions have added Martin Audio XD15 loud speaker systems to their rental infantry. The new additions were joined this week by yet more WS218x subwoofers just in time to finish what has been a busy festival season for the expending rental company.

“The investment into XD15s represents a commitment from us to begin building stocks of this very flexible speaker” remarks director Christopher Bogg. ┬áThe XD15 is a multi format unit capable of high SPL reproduction for front of house applications but also as a 15 inch Bi-amped wedge monitor with a 2 inch compression driver, it ticks all the right boxes for the companies growing rock and roll work.

With its flexible rigging allowing for portrait or landscape hanging and its rotatable 80x 50 degree horn, the XD15 will be deployed in theatres and tours where high SPL and increased low frequency content is required.

One of dBS Solutions favourite sub woofers, the WS218x is proving popular this summer with several tours already using the current stock.  This powerful unit delivers very high SPL from 30 Hz up to around 100 Hz and is the perfect match for our XD12 & XD15 systems along with our W8LM compact line array system.

“We are looking forward to deploying the new infantry along side our W8LM on this years Solfest in just a few weeks time.”

Those clients who are interested in having a listen to the new stock should contact the office to arrange a demo.