DBS Solutions Goes Fire Walking

dBS Solutions recently designed the lighting for the up and coming band Exile Parade for their new music video “Fire walk with me”.

dBS Solution’s Chris Bogg designed a system comprising of the new Futurelight PHS260 moving lights along with six lamp bars of par 64 cans and par 38s.

Chris used a Chamsys Magic Q system to control the rig. The video is currently playing on several music channels and you tube. The bands co-manager Craig Tarry had this to say.

“The music video for Fire Walk With Me captures the live energy of the band. The lights supplied by DBS Solutions really helped to create the live show show effect on tape. Chris did a great job engineering the lights for the video. It has a great reaction from fans and industry folks! It is currently in process of being play-listed on the leading music channels across Europe.”

You can find the video in low res here on the bands myspace site www.myspace.com/exileparade