dBS Solutions gain Momentum at the Edinburgh Fringe

dBS Solutions where pleased to be asked to provide the audio systems at this years Edinburgh Fringe for Momentum Venues at St Stephens. This exciting new venture houses three performing spaces providing the location for shows suchushers 1 as Ushers the front of house musicalThere’s a Guy Work’s Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis and many more.

The spaces vary from a 450 seat large scale theatre space to the 50 seat intimate studio space but all are specified and ready to take the highest calibre of fringe productions for 2015.

“DBS have been our chosen audio provider for a variety of projects”, says Momentums commercial director Phillip Rountree. “Equipment is always supplied on time and is sensitive to our budgets.  Chris and his team are on hand to offer advice and support when it is needed.  Super Service!”


dBS Solutions project manager Chris Bogg based the sound system design on details from Momentums Production Manager Neil Foulis selecting an entire Ohm system for all three venues.

dBS Solutions have been working closely with Ohm for a few years now “Ohm’s new Total Clarity range have been doing some great work for us and I have been looking for a large scale project to showcase these on” says Chris.

The Grand hall, in a thrust configuration will be covered by six of the new Ohm CT12 mid high enclosures, as a left and right system, with a pair as delays. Out fills will be CT8s with low frequencies handled by four powerful TRS118’s. Front fill for the first rows will be looked after by BR6’s around the stage edge with TRS112 monitors on stage. All powered by Ohm TK series amplifiers. “Now that Ohm have teamed up with MC2 and XTA, as a system designer I couldn’t ask for more flexible and reliable electronics”, Chris explains.  The Grand will also become home to one of dBS Solutions new additions, another Digico SD9 console.

The Playhouse, a 200 seat end on space, will be using 2 CT8’s as a left, right system supported by some CW15 subs and more CT8s as delays.  Shows entering this venue will be met with a familiar Yamaha LS9 16 console and stage monitoring from the Ohm TRS112 wedges. More amps from MC2 and Crown, and processing again by XTA.

The smallest of spaces, the Studio has a will see two CT8’s as a small left, right system. Powered by Crown XTi 2000 will in built DSP capabilities, it offers a great package for this intimate space. Control will be a Sound Craft analogue mixer.

This weekend will see dBS engineers Matt Chisholm and Chris Bogg head up to Edinburgh to oversee the set up, commissioning of the systems and a little on site training to ensure that the Momentum team have everything they need. dBS Solutions pride ourselves on our A1 support so Phillip, Neil and the guys know that what ever happens we’ve got them covered.

Momentum Venues

Ohm Prodessional Speakers