dBS lights the way for Siemens Medical Diagnostics.

siemensdBS Solutions designed, and supplied both sound and lighting for the launch party of the groups medical branch, Siemens Medical Diagnostics.

The event at the Bridgewater Hall was based on an ice theme with live ice sculptures being performed, and was staged across all four levels of the concert halls foyer spaces. Siemens Kerry Costello commented that “the event had exceeded all of their expectations”.

dBS Lighting designer Chris Bogg integrated the use of Mac 2000 Profiles, City Colours 2500s, Futurelight mh660s, mh640s, Pulsar Chromacans, and Thomas Pixel par 90s with over 50 par can up lighter fittings and over to half a mile of cable! All the lighting requirements were controlled from a Chamsys Magic Q PC with a control wing. “The flexibility of the Magic Q system allows me to create the looks I need with lots of fixtures very quickly. Storing them in away that means I can recall them live at anytime with timed fades between looks, cuts down on plotting and time.” says Chris.

A distributed ohm sound system was designed for the band and speeches including 4 TRS 112s, 2 planet suite moon subs and 2 BR6 speakers as delays. Craig Stewart designed and engineered the event from a Yamaha 01v 96 with Alesis outboard graphics.