dBS ensures the world hears the message. Justice for the 96.

This week dBS Solutions where very proud to have been asked to assist with suppling audio for the press conference in Warrington for the Hillsborough family support group following the juries findings.  Its been such a honour to be involved in something that has helped bring closure and clear the names of so many families.

A few weeks ago we where asked by Brinberg Peirce, the group representing many of the families involved in the tragedy if we had the capacity to support the press event being organised.  The challenge here was that although the event was likely to be held within the next few weeks, our clients would receive no more than 24 hours notice in which to pull the event together.  Our structure as a company often allows us to react very quickly to requests such as this, we pleased to be able to supply the audio system for the event along with video and audio relay systems to several private rooms for relatives of the victims.

From being given the go ahead the dBS Solutions project manager Matt Wharton assembled the team needed for the event along with the equipment required for the live links to Sky, ITV and Channel 4 amongst others. Audio engineer Sam Edwards looked after the mix on a midas pro series whilst video links and integration with the OBs was managed by Darren McMahon.  Thanks goes to all of the team for their efforts.

“I wanted to thank you and your team for working on this event and providing impeccable professional service. Sam and Darren were excellent and very relaxed even in some pressured situations. Thank you again for helping us with this event and assisting to make sure there was no issue during the press conference. We truly appreciate it.”  Birnberg Peirce Hillsborough Team

Should you wish to watch the live TV broadcast of the event please click here