dBS And Stella McCartney at LIPA

dBS Solutions took pleasure in suppling an 8 way monitor system for the star studded Stella McCartney fashion show last week at LIPA in Liverpool.

The event to showcase Stella’s Autumn winter collection 2008 featured a fifteen minute fashion show showcasing some of Stella’s latest designs as well as performances from signed acts such as Candy Payne and Palladium. The event was attended my many celebrities including Paul McCartney, Yoco Ono, and George Martin to name but a few. “with tickets selling at up to £500 each there was no room for error” explained sound No 1 Ian Threfall.

“After the initial production meeting I realised that for this gig I would require a larger monitor setup than we had in house, equipment quality and reliability would be paramount. With image a real important factor, dBS Solutions were able to supply me with an Ohm TRS 112 monitor system. These units provided a great low profile on stage and Crystal clear sound reproduction for the band” Ian Added. “dBS Solutions suggested a Yamaha LS9 32. The console was great as it allowed both me and guest engineers to operate monitors in a small footprint, with all the processing onboard within the console, as well as the ability to recall scenes through what was a fast moving show”.

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