British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport 2019

Over three nights at the end of September The British Musical Fireworks were held in Victoria Park, Southport.  The fireworks set to music lit up the skies with an audience there to watch the seven displays and the winner announced on the final night.

The organisers estimate that each of the seven shows used 5 kilometres of wire, 15 technicians and over 10 tonnes of fireworks! The overall winner was Distant thunder Fireworks, with 2nd place…Pyro 2000 Ltd and 3rd place…1st Galaxy Fireworks Ltd.

We managed to capture some of the breath taking sights from the displays as well as provide a PA system rental to the event. This year dBS Solutions again deployed over 30 db Technologies VIO cabinates along with 12 of our Martin Audio WS218x to cover the field holding upwards of 10,000 guests on the saturday night. Our carefully planned system design featuring our 7.5m PA towers, guarenteed all could hear the chosen music without disturbing the local residents.  Our state of the art wirless anemometer system reported the wind spead from the top of the PA towers back to our control position, to ensure that this stays with in the fine tolerences for the weight of the pa systems, on the windy sea front in Southport. We also supplied a smaller system for the entertainments stage where local acts performed along with a radio link to the main PA system, so everyone could soak up the pre fireworks entertainment.  A favourite in the dBS Solutions calendar, this year’s event was a great success.  Our now tried and tested design delivers clear audio to where it’s needed. A big thanks to our team for battling the wind and rain, to enable all our audience having a great time they had this firework season.