All Pantomimed out.



It’s been a great pantomime season for dBS Solutions this year with several productions around the country in London, Birmingham and our new addition, UK Productions flagship show in Sunderland Empire.

Now its all over, the team have time to reflect back on the season. dBS Sound designer Matt Chisholm talks us through the design for Sunderland.

“With such a large audience area we chose the Martin Audio W8LM compact line array system for the main hangs in both stalls and Circles” says Matt. The hangs of 3 in the stalls and 6 in the upper level were supported in the upper circle by Martin XD15’s new to the dBS hire stock. These helped provided some punch and clarity to the upper level. Subsonic frequencies were handled by the powerful WS218x and WS18x in stalls and circle levels with multiple DD6 delay and fill enclosures providing perfect imaging and ensured that the audio reached every seat. With over 40 Martin audio speakers in use across the venue, the show rocked with energy during the big ensemble numbers. “Thats really important for that big Panto sound once you get 2000 excited children in there” explains Chisholm.

Amps were all Powersoft and MC2 with XTA processing across the board using our MOXA RS485 to network interfaces means engineers can walk the room with an iPad to tune the system.   Out front was a Digico SD9T for mixing duties with Sennheiser radios with a dBS Solutions custom listening station and a fully redundant dual Mac Mini system for Qlab.

Massive thanks go to all the team working on this years pantomimes across the UK.  With the New year out of the way, we have already turned our attentions to next season.  If you are involved in Panto and are looking for an audio supplier to deliver the highest quality production sound, call the office today to see how we can help you.