Simply Dylan.


After working with SJM on the Viola Beach event back in March we where thrilled to be asked to provide the audio system for the home town show of Liverpool’s Simply Dylan. The event took place in the Auditorium at the Echo Arena to an almost sold out crowd.

From our initial contact with SJM, dBS Solutions project manager Chris Bogg provided a competitive quotation based on the artists specifications and designed a PA system suitable for the 800 seat auditorium. Working closely with Dylan’s touring engineer, the in house team at ACC and SJM we then adapted our quotation as more detailed information about the 10 piece ensemble became avalible.

dBS Solutions audio engineer Matt Chisholm designed a Martin audio W8LM system comprising of two hangs of eight line array elements along with supporting WS218x subwoofers and matching front fills. The on stage monitoring system comprised of a Midas Pro 2 console with Ohm TRS 112 compact wedge monitors to provide detailed monitoring to the artist without obscuring sight lines for those at the front.

The system was installed sensitively so as to remain incepting with the surrounding ascetics of the venue and the dBS team where on hand to ensure any issues on the day where felt with swiftly.  The event went well with us receiving several great comments regarding the sound quality.

We look forward to working with SJM and Simply Dylan in the future.

Musical Fireworks

fireworks1dBS solutions won the tendering process this year to provide all the audio needs for this prestigious  event in southport’s calendar.  The event which attracts both display companies and fireworks lovers from around the UK is held every year with the competitors being judged on the musicality of their show. Having audio issues in the past, the event organisers where keen to ensure that all of the crowd and judges where able to hear clearly whilst still maintaining off site noise to a minimum. System Designer Chris Bogg set about using a Martin Audio W8LM system based around three of our 6m high PA towers.  This ensured that audio reached the back of the field over 90m away whilst still being comfortable to listen to at the front barrier. the systems of 8 boxes each covered the area well with some help from some XD12 infills.

displayWe where able to provide accurate acoustic predictions of the systems achievements across the site using Martin Audio’s Display software and where also able to show this to Sefton environmental heath team on the day of the event with our calibrated Smaart measuring system.  We used this doting a walk around the site with Greg from “the noise police” to aid getting the most out of the system in the audience areas whilst ensuring that levels where kept to a minimum in the critical areas off site.

The event was a great success with seven outstanding displays over the three days.  Thanks to the team Chris Bogg, Matt Chisholm, Sam Edwards and Craig Stewart for all your hard work.

If you have an outdoor project that presents some audio challenges we would love to hear from you.  Our team love a challenge and are always happy to help.