dBS And Stella McCartney at LIPA

dBS Solutions took pleasure in suppling an 8 way monitor system for the star studded Stella McCartney fashion show last week at LIPA in Liverpool.

The event to showcase Stella’s Autumn winter collection 2008 featured a fifteen minute fashion show showcasing some of Stella’s latest designs as well as performances from signed acts such as Candy Payne and Palladium. The event was attended my many celebrities including Paul McCartney, Yoco Ono, and George Martin to name but a few. “with tickets selling at up to £500 each there was no room for error” explained sound No 1 Ian Threfall.

“After the initial production meeting I realised that for this gig I would require a larger monitor setup than we had in house, equipment quality and reliability would be paramount. With image a real important factor, dBS Solutions were able to supply me with an Ohm TRS 112 monitor system. These units provided a great low profile on stage and Crystal clear sound reproduction for the band” Ian Added. “dBS Solutions suggested a Yamaha LS9 32. The console was great as it allowed both me and guest engineers to operate monitors in a small footprint, with all the processing onboard within the console, as well as the ability to recall scenes through what was a fast moving show”.

Please see the links page for more information on Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

dBS Solutions provide PA for Dave Spikey at Warrington’s Parrhall

dBS Solutions provided a distributed PA system for Warrington’s Parr hall last Saturday, for Dave Spikey’s The Best Medicine Tour. The PA system designed for the venue by dBS is regularly installed for comedy and speech events at the hall and has enjoyed great success.

The PA system consisted of Ohm TRS112H and BR18b subs covering the stalls area with BR6 under balcony and front fills. The circle area is covered with Ohm BR12 speakers with Ohm moon out fills and moon delays. All of the amplifiers are Crest audio and the event was mixed and delayed by a Yamaha 01v 96 VSM.

dBS Solutions have been very pleased with the Ohm speaker system in the parr hall and have made substantial investments in the Ohm brand to ensure we can meet our clients demands for clear, precise audio, delivered to every seat.

Lighting console training

chamsysdBS Solutions held a training seminar last week on the ChamSys Magic Q lighting consoles.

The two day course was well attended by lighting technicians and designers from across the UK and dBS freelancers. We had representatives from all sectors of the industry from TV, theatre, rock and roll, to corporate and many commented on how useful the training has been.

Chris Kennedy from ChamSys went through the console features, as well as some of the more advanced options such as networking, and media server integration.

Do you hear the people sing?

lesmisDBS Solutions Supplied sound, lighting, and audio visual equipment as well as a turn key production design service for the latest production of Les Miserables. The show performed by CODYS productions at the Brindley Theatre Runcorn was a sell out success. dBS Solution’s Andrew Waddell and Ian Threlfall attended to the sound while Chris Bogg designed and operated the sizable lighting rig for the show.

The sound design by Waddell consisted of a proscenium system of Ohm moon speakers for the stalls and circle with moon subs and four BR6 front fill speakers. This was augmented by the house systems centre cluster to help adjust the image to the stage. This system assisted in amplifying the 16 strong orchestra from the pit conducted by Richard Winter.

On stage two independent BR6 units provided down stage fold back and some imaging for the complex sound effects required for the show. Up stage behind the set, sat two Ohm TRS218 subs and TRS212 high packs to provide the realistic battle soundscape and other subsonic effects during the show.

“It was important that the battles sounded realistic and chilling” Andrew commented. Sound effects and show control was managed be Cue lab and routed though eight audio outputs direct to the outputs of the desk.

The show was mixed on a Yamaha LS9-32 with the 16 channels of Sennheiser radio microphone system mixed on an 0v 96. “This system allowed me to assign individual channels or groups of channels to a fader group or DCA that could then be controlled from a master fader. The assignment of these remote groups was then changed scene by scene via midi and cue lab” said Andrew. The added bonus of working this way is that every actor can have their own desk channel with their own EQ and dynamics and the only thing that changes is the routing.

On the sound of the Ohm system Andrew comments “ I was very impressed with the moon system, the boxes are small and discreet yet produce a very open and transparent sound. They did a great job.”

Chris’s lighting design incorporated 8 of the new Futurelight PHS260 spots for gobo washes and spot pickups into the house stock of around 80 generic lanterns. This along with two neutron hazers, Antari and Jem fog machines, and an Antari DNG Log fog unit where all controlled from a ChamSys Magic Q system.

“The automated lighting although used in almost every scene in the show, were not intended to be seen moving by the audience”, said Chris. “ I utilised the consoles auto move wile dark function and this worked fantastically. Controlling the moving lights and the in house scrollers in this way cut down on programming lots of mark cues and helps keep an already busy show file tidy”.

With a large number of effects and moving lights, speed of use, familiar user interface, and features are so important I wouldn’t chose any other console” Said Chris.

The video elements of the show where played back from cue lab from the show control system and projected onto a black gauze. The shutter of the projector was controlled from the lighting desk giving a two user dead mans handle. With the complex stage floor revolve and flying CCTV cameras where installed and distributed around the venue to aid the cast to see the musical director and for the crew to see the stage during the performance.

The week of performances has been met with critical acclaim and several very good reviews. For more information on CODYS productions and their up coming performances please see the web site.


Chamsys Magic Q training

trainingdBS Solutions are pleased to have teamed up with Chamsys to offer this two day training seminar on the Chamsys Magic Q lighting console and related products.

The seminar will be held in the Northwest for the first time, in a venue in warrington near our base on the 22nd and 23rd of April.

The training days will see Chris from Chamsys covering the basics on the console on the first day and the more advanced features on the second day. This course will be suitable for both beginners or lighting designers looking to improve their knowlage of this powerful console.

With only ten places, this intimate training seminar will fill up fast so, if your interested give us a call or email Chris@dbs-solutions.co.uk for more information

DBS Solutions Goes Fire Walking

dBS Solutions recently designed the lighting for the up and coming band Exile Parade for their new music video “Fire walk with me”.

dBS Solution’s Chris Bogg designed a system comprising of the new Futurelight PHS260 moving lights along with six lamp bars of par 64 cans and par 38s.

Chris used a Chamsys Magic Q system to control the rig. The video is currently playing on several music channels and you tube. The bands co-manager Craig Tarry had this to say.

“The music video for Fire Walk With Me captures the live energy of the band. The lights supplied by DBS Solutions really helped to create the live show show effect on tape. Chris did a great job engineering the lights for the video. It has a great reaction from fans and industry folks! It is currently in process of being play-listed on the leading music channels across Europe.”

You can find the video in low res here on the bands myspace site www.myspace.com/exileparade

dBS Solutions Invest in Sennheiser

hammond1dBS Solutions have purchased their first batch of Sennheiser Evolution radio mics. The G2 belt pack and hand held systems are a welcome addition to the Warrington based PA company’s hire stock and have been put into service from day one on The Hammond Dance schools European tour, Taudevin.

dBS Solutions supplied the radio system, an Apple Mac based Cuelab system and an engineer for the tour that spanned three weeks in January.

Warrington’s Plugged and The Big I Am!

pluggeddBS Solutions have taken the contract to supply the Warrington Music Collective live music nights at the Parrhall and Pyramid. The events promoter, Steve Oates asked dBS Solutions to come on board from the new year to help move the events forward.

We regularly supply four stacks of our Ohm TRS PA system with our custom designed Ohm drive racks for the events, with sound being mixed from a Yamaha 01v 96. “We have seen some great bands over the past months and more to come in the build up to the summer” said dBS Solution’s Chris Bogg. “Im looking forward to the next event at the Parrhall on 29th February”

John Power at Pyramid

dBS have recently supplied a PA system for John Powers at The Pyramid in Warrington. Powers, of CAST and The La’s fame, played to a deserving crowd of fans some of his newer solo work, which takes a modern folk flavour as a warm up for his forthcoming tour.

dBS supplied four stacks of Ohm TRS high packs and subs with a Yamaha LS9 on front of house and monitors. To find out more about John Powers and his new tour visit his website at www.johnpower.uk.com

Ken Dodd, The legend of Laughter

dBS Solutions had the pleasure of supplying a distributed audio system for the Knotty Ash funny man Mr Ken Dodd. Together with his Diddy Men, Ken took to the stage in front of a sell out crowd at Warrington’s Parr Hall last Thursday and thanks to dBS Solutions, Ken had scores of discerning fans eating out of the palm of his hand.

The system designed by dBS proprietor Chris Bogg, who also mixed the event and installed by dBS regular system tech, Graeme Ramsdale, consisted of SLS920s left and right both upstairs and down, augmented by Ohm Moon speakers as circle delay, and BR6 enclosures as front fill and under balcony fills. The system was extended with the addition of an Ohm Moon sub system and trs 112 wedges on stage.

Chris explains “both the Parr Hall and Ken Dodd in particular, have been difficult nuts to crack in the past due to the halls natural reverb time. The key is a well designed distributed audio system. We use digital processing to time a line the system perfectly, ensuring that all of the audience area receives natural vocal reproduction.” Mr Dodds style allows for the odd throw away punch line and this is often lost in a large crowd, however this was minimised due to careful microphone selection and time spent listening to the system earlier in the day.

The evening drew to a close around 12.50, leaving a very satisfied audience, with a sea of tickling sticks and smiles to the final chords of Dodds theme tune Happiness.

If you missed the show, Ken will be touring throughout 2008


dBS Solutions in Birkenhead park

parkdBS Solutions provided a large pa system for Wirral Borough Council’s Its Your Park festival this year in the newly refurbished Birkenhead Park.

The wet weather never held back the hundreds of festival goers eager to see local bands on the Saturday and cultural musical groups from around the world on the Sunday. Hosted by the Wirral’s Buzz FM, the weekend saw a wide range of acts playing though the Ohm TRS system, with engineer Chris Bogg on front of house duties and John Attewell on monitors assisted by Rob Whitworth.

Both consoles were the new LS9-32s from Yamaha a new purchase for dBS and once again proving their worth. “Since investing in the new console its been out on hire almost constantly” says director Chris Bogg.

Warrington Music Festival

wmfThe First of Warrington’s annual music festival got underway to close Warrington’s Culture Fest 2007 and dBS was there to assist. John Attewell headed up the team front of house with Rob Whitworth on stage duties and Simon Naylor on lights.

dBS beat off strong competition to supply the event with a six stack Ohm TRS system to cover the main stage and TRS wedge monitors as foldback. With over 14 bands in 7 hours, it was always going to be a difficult event, however the team coped with ease and the organizers were all very pleased.

As the light faded on Queens Gardens towards the end of the day, Naylor’s lighting rig of Par cans and Pulsar Chroma strips began to come to life. The event finished at 7.00pm to allow the show inside The Parr Hall, another dBS event, to commence. As the fans dispersed, the get out of the first of hopefully many Warrington music festivals began.

We’re all in this together!

HSMdBS have just completed a sellout week of Disney’s High School Musical at the Brindley Arts Centre in Runcorn for CODYS productions. The show after over five months of rehearsals played to full houses every night and has even added an additional show later this week at the Parr Hall in Warrington. dBS supplied both sound and lighting equipment for the shows designers Graeme Ramsdale and dBS’s Chris Bogg.

Lighting equipment included Futurelight mh660s and 640s, ETC source four profiles, Martin and Le Matire effects equipment complimenting the house stock of around 90 generic lamps. Programming and operation was undertaken by Chris on a Chamsys Magic Q system and distributed on Artnet.

Audio was designed by Graeme Ramsdale and included a Protools system for playback of the Disney orchestra, voiceovers and effects plus a Yamaha LS9-32 for mixing the show on. Graeme added a hybrid speaker system consisting of Community SLS 920s and Ohm moon subs and BR6 front fills to compliment the existing Martin audio system. “Adding more flexibility was the key to the design” says Ramsdale. “with the show now moving to the larger Parr Hall we needed to ensure consistency within the system. Adding to the house system allows us to control and distribute the sound much more effectively. Radio mics, supervised by Rob Whitworth where sennheiser evolution 500s with MKE2 capsules and IMG boom mic systems. More ohm TRS112s where utilized on stage for fold back for the 70 strong cast.

dBS and Trabant

Trabant, a cool blast of glamorous, leather-clad electro pop came to Warrington last week. Pyramid Art Centers technical manager Matt Moss enlisted dBS to supply a PA system for the event.

A four stack Ohm TRS system for front of house with 5 mixes of TRS112’s on stage performed nicely for the electronic group. Front of house was a Yamaha LS9 looked after by Chris Bogg while stage duties where undertaken by Simon Naylor.

dBS lights the way for Siemens Medical Diagnostics.

siemensdBS Solutions designed, and supplied both sound and lighting for the launch party of the groups medical branch, Siemens Medical Diagnostics.

The event at the Bridgewater Hall was based on an ice theme with live ice sculptures being performed, and was staged across all four levels of the concert halls foyer spaces. Siemens Kerry Costello commented that “the event had exceeded all of their expectations”.

dBS Lighting designer Chris Bogg integrated the use of Mac 2000 Profiles, City Colours 2500s, Futurelight mh660s, mh640s, Pulsar Chromacans, and Thomas Pixel par 90s with over 50 par can up lighter fittings and over to half a mile of cable! All the lighting requirements were controlled from a Chamsys Magic Q PC with a control wing. “The flexibility of the Magic Q system allows me to create the looks I need with lots of fixtures very quickly. Storing them in away that means I can recall them live at anytime with timed fades between looks, cuts down on plotting and time.” says Chris.

A distributed ohm sound system was designed for the band and speeches including 4 TRS 112s, 2 planet suite moon subs and 2 BR6 speakers as delays. Craig Stewart designed and engineered the event from a Yamaha 01v 96 with Alesis outboard graphics.

Singlive! At The Bridgewater Hall

singlivedBS Solutions provided lighting equipment for the Singlive Northwest Spectacular at The Bridgewater Hall earlier this year.

Working alongside the team at the hall, dBS Solutions supplied moving lights, effects machines, and a lighting programmer to help realise lighting designer Andy Lunns ideas.