Mental health awareness zoom sessions.


With the entertainment industry very much on pause for much of this year, we have been focusing on what training we can offer to our team, freelancers, and other events professionals alike.  As well as audio and lighting focused training throughout the coming months, we are pleased to be teaming up with Walks The Talk to deliver online sessions in Mental Health awareness & Mental fitness.  Continue reading

dBS Solutions supplies upgrade for Runshaw College

dBS Solutions were pleased to be selected as supplier to Runshaw College installing their new lighting system for the Amanda Roocroft Theatre.

Matt Moss, Performing Arts Technician at Runshaw College, contacted dBS Solutions about upgrading their theatre, as they had been investing in energy-efficient fixtures with LED replacements across the site and wanted to upgrade the theatre to provide a low energy and low heat solution.

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Live life cleaner by making earth greener

Amongst all this chaos and uncertainty with Covid, it’s easy to get consumed by current events. Its important however, not to forget other serious issues that still remain, such as the affect CO2 emissions are having on our environment. With more time on our hands recently, we’ve been looking at what we can do to help.

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